Tinkerer Makes His Own VR Gloves With Haptic Feedback, for $60 Only?

In April of 2020, we brought you a video from YouTube channel Lucas VRTech where the young inventor discussed how he decided to make virtual reality haptic gloves and showcased his first 3 prototypes. At the time, he called his efforts “on the way to making VR Haptics affordable for everyone,” and we believed his project held immense potential.

Now, the YouTuber is back with another video where he finally completes his project and creates virtual reality gloves that actually allow you to feel things for a mere $60. This is very impressive considering most virtual reality gloves cost thousands of dollars.

In the past, we have brought you news of an Apple patent for virtual reality gloves capable of measuring the wearer’s movement of each finger and thumb bones and Teslasuit’s model that allows you to feel physical objects in virtual reality.

But dare we say that Lucas’ version is even better? It’s definitely cheaper.

What materials does the young and intrepid YouTuber use to make his gloves? How accessible are his gloves to everyone? What steps must be followed for us common folks to build these bad boys? This video answers all these questions and more.

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