Ingenious Construction Workers That Are At Another Level ▶12

Having problems finding out what the title referring quantum technology part is, all I see is people practising their workmaship.For you it is ingenious construction workers, for me it is just a tuesday.Can I suggest a different title? “Everyday construction you may find interesting if you have nothing to do”People doing the job right but nothing “next level” going on.Put asphalt and fill it with sand, well, yes, not our way.I can’t believe I have just been watching this for 10 minutes when I’m going back to work tomorrow and then watch people doing it again for 8 hours.The music was great on the second video.As a house, not for us, it will blow away by the first storm … But as a facing to a capital structure, it will not be bad.Wow, the last Korean thing… How much is the fine if you go to the Ministry of Labor once.. No one wears a hard hat lol.Still waiting for the ingenious part.If you’re a builder, you don’t say that. I don’t know what’s different and great.Now I know why China’s flats fall down…those stairs won’t hold a rat run.The first video, with the pavers. That’s a lot of extra work with little gain. That was absurd.

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